Sophie Normil
Photographed: Sophie Normil at Kennesaw State University

Sophie Normil is a writer, editor, and full-time student at Kennesaw State University pursuing her B.A. in English Language and Literature with a minor in Professional Writing.

She was born in Lynbrook, New York as the first generation in her family to be born and raised in the United States. She has tremendous pride in her Haitian-American culture and is diligent in educating herself about other various cultures and languages. With that, she absolutely loves to travel visiting over twenty-five states and ten countries. Her favorite destination thus far is Seoul, South Korea where she partook in a 4-month Study Abroad Exchange Program in 2017.

Her immense appreciation for literature comes from an early age. She had a speech disability that she overcame by excessively reading and writing. Since then, her passion is to become an author with a published novel under any of her favorite genres: high-fantasy, young/new adult, or romance. She has gained experience by being involved within the writing community as the editor for Myah Luong’s (also known as Lovely Mimi) novel, My Lovely Life: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Contributing Writer for WriteOnCon 2019, and Arts and Living Editor for Kennesaw State University’s newspaper, The Sentinel.

Currently, Sophie resides in Marietta, Georgia where she could be found at any local coffee shop drinking several iced chai lattes, blogging about books through her Instagram platform, and working on her latest writing projects.

For someone who had once struggled to speak for years, I learned that using your voice does not have to strictly be physical in order to communicate with your audience. I find my voice in between the lines of a loose-leaf paper and execute it powerfully with the ink of my ball-point pen. That’s why I believe ink, in all forms, should be just as valued as speech because it had allowed some of our greatest creations to not only be expressed, but seen by all in the world.

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