A Drop of Ink On a Blank Canvas

Make the second thing you love your job and the first thing you love your hobby.

My father used to say this to me all the time as a child and it’s funny that it took twenty-one years for me to finally understand what he meant, and truthfully it was all thanks to this Careers in Writing course. I initially took this course for two reasons: to see all jobs that are applicable for an English major specialized in writing (other than being an author), and if those writing-job careers were something I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. After a complete semester of various literary and academic assignments, building this portfolio, and learning more about myself and what I am capable of, I feel as though I have a clear understanding of what my job would be and what would become my forever hobby.

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Hello Writers! Are you at the point in your work where you have thought about submitting your manuscript in hopes to get it published? I’m a writer just like you and have had many questions on whether or not it would be worth sending my work to an agent, mainly because I never had enough information […]

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